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Santai Science offers a wide range of opportunities for motivated employees who share our enthusiasm and commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service. We work to ensure that our products and service are sustainable for the future. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact our HR team:

Assistant/Associate Director of Purification and Analysis Application Lab
Major responsibilities:
1.In charge of daily operation of the department and expansion of separation testing. Report to General Manager.
2.Lead the team to develop the analytical method and preparation method of characteristic compounds. Compose and publish articles, thesis and patents of related applications.
3.Participate in academic conferences both domestically and internationally on behalf of Santai Science Inc., including poster, presentation and panel discussion, etc.
1.At least Master’s degree or above majored in analytical chemistry or organic chemistry with excellent fundamentals.
2.Related working experience: Master’s degree (5+ years) and Doctor’s degree (1+ year). Overseas study background is preferred.
3.Acquainted with HPLC,LCMS,NMR, manufacturing and FLASH instrument.
4.English communication fluently both in oral and written.
5.Market expansion ability is advantageous.
6.Strong sense of responsibility, devotion and excellent communication and coordination abilities.
7.Paper publisher in related domain is preferred.
Company location:
214 Brunswick, Pointe-Claire,Quebec, H9R 1A6 Montréal Canada
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